0830 - Registration and Welcome Tea/Coffee

0930 - Opening Notes from Conference Chair
click for bioRear Admiral Nick Lambert, Director, NLA, Former UK National Hydrographer

Rear Admiral Nick LambertA master mariner and a committed proponent of the maritime users’ perspective, Rear Admiral Nick Lambert concluded a long naval operational career as the UK National Hydrographer in December 2012. He advises on a wide range of maritime issues including the importance of spatial data infrastructures and hydrography for maritime economies, the evolution of eNavigation and GNSS vulnerability, near or real time situational awareness (especially that derived from space based assets and applications), human factors, and training and education in the maritime sector.

0940 - The Future of Big Data

  • Data platform futures
  • Futures in IoT and big data engineering
  • Machine reading
  • Collaborative clouds and multi-party data vaults
  • Going Quantum
click for bioJon Jahren, Data & AI Architect, Microsoft

Jon JahrenBiography pending.

1005 - The Integrated Digital Approach

  • The smart ship
click for bioInge André Sandvik, Chief Digital Officer, Wilh.Wilhelmsen Holding

Inge André SandvikFull-stack product guy with great passion creating new ventures that impact industries and people. Analytic, strategic, impact driven and loves working with outliers. I look for gaps and people that wants to challenge status quo.

I want to bring new ideas to life with ambitious and inspiring people that wants to make impact. I love to help other fellow entrepreneurs and doers.

My main strength is ability to see patterns, trends and opportunities to innovate and be able to communicate the story to get others onboard. I have proven over time the ability to take ideas from start to end and put together great teams that have built awarded products that have millions of happy users.

I see no barriers of industry and think there are many gaps to be filled.

Latest industry is the maritime industry and before that has music/media been my passion. We launched as a selected launch partner on Spotify's new platform in 2011 and became quickly the top app. We have later scaled out Soundrop to Deezer and Youtube aiming it to become a leading marketing platform for the music industry.

During the last 10 years have we managed raising more than USD 10m for three companies. Two of them was acquired by other companies in their industry.

Our first VC backed start-up was Mobile CTI AS. The company was a pioneer in creating mobile apps for Symbian smartphones and launched the worlds first automatic caller ID service. Mobile CTI AS was acquired by Opplysningen 1881, a Telenor company.

Second start-up was Numo and the vision of the company was "the global interactive phonebook in your pocket". We launched the service in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany with large telcos.

After Numo had I the pleasure to work with a lot of great people in Opera Software. Main focus was looking at new monetization areas. A result of this work led to launching Opera Mobile Store and responsible for content partnerships for the Opera Mobile & TV Store.

1030 - Panel: Driving Collaboration in the Big Data Era

  • Developments in new platforms
  • How to build new ecosystems, drivers and barriers
  • Opportunities for stakeholders
  • Business cases
Moderated by:
click for bioRob O’Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship

Rob O’DwyerRob O'Dwyer, Editor of Digital Ship, has been a maritime IT journalist since 2005. He has a Master's degree in business and law from University College Dublin and was previously a commercial writing consultant in Seoul, South Korea.

Rob was also previously Editor of Port Finance International.

Panellists include:
click for bioOlga Kravchenko, Cognitive Consultant Watson & Blockchain, IBM, Ambassador of Norway, World Innovations Forum

Olga KravchenkoOlga Kravchenko is a Blockchain expert from IBM Norway. She works with innovative solutions that utilize the power of Blockchain or artificial intelligence, Watson. Her educational background is in innovation and finance from BI in Oslo and a partner university in Ukraine.

click for bioTom Erling Hansen, VP Sales North Europe, Marlink

Tom Erling HansenTom Erling Hansen has double engineering degrees in Telecom and IT from the Royal Norwegian Air Force complemented with a Master’s degree in Business administration and Management from the Norwegian Business School.

He has worked with Maritime applications and communication for more than two decades and has extensive international experience from working and living in several key maritime hubs including Dubai, Oslo, London, Brussels, Singapore and Houston.

He is currently Vice President of North Europe Sales in Marlink.

click for bioMartin Reason, Global Sales Manager Maritime, Ceragon Networks

Martin ReasonMartin has worked in the Telecoms and IT Market Sector for over 30 years, with the last 15 spent in Maritime Communications and IT. Martin has spent much of the last 15 years advising Maritime customer on solutions available for their vessels and on ways to improve connectivity for vessel operations as well as how to improve communications for the welfare of the Seafarers on board. In January 2018 Martin joined Ceragon Networks to help with the delivery of revolutionary new Communication solutions into the Maritime Market.

With further panellists to be announced

1115 - Tea/Coffee Break

Session One

Big Data Best Practices from Other Sectors

We are increasingly experiencing the impact of big data in daily life. We have found ways to drive value from the big data surrounding us. What are the best practices in other sectors? How have they created their ecosystems and collaboration networks?

1140 - Big Data – Business Insights

  • Key-drivers
  • From data to value
  • Lessons learnt and future
click for bioBjörgólfur Hávarðsson, Innovation manager, Seafood Innovation Cluster

Björgólfur HávarðssonBiography pending.

1205 - Banking on Big Data
click for bioSpeaker to be announced

Speaker to be announcedSpeaker to be announced.

1230 - Viewpoint Panel
This session will be dedicated to showcasing big data insights from other sectors and highlighting what could be applied within the maritime sector. With input from those working across the transport chain – such as supply chain, logistics, insurances, ports and terminals, academia.
Moderated by:
click for bioBjörgólfur Hávarðsson, Innovation manager, Seafood Innovation Cluster

Björgólfur HávarðssonBiography pending.

Panellists include:
click for bioOle Jørgen Eikanger, Chief Business Development Officer, Norwegian Hull Club

Ole Jørgen EikangerI am proud to take over Insurance Technology Solutions AS (ITS) and be a part of today's and tomorrow's digital changes within marine insurance. ITS was founded in 1994 and is the owner of one of the most tailor made marine insurance systems today. Development of insurance technology will challenge how we trade and service marine insurance. ITS AS will be a part of this development. I am looking forward to taking on the challenge together with all ITS employees. I am also glad to have on board our new Chief Technical Officer, Kenneth Svendsen. Kenneth joined us from Sparebanken Vest 1st February this year. He has already started to provide important insights in future challenges and possibilities.

With further panellists to be announced

1315 - Lunch break

Session Two

Control and Protect Big Data

New platforms generate a sea of data. But how does the ship owner control the data? How do we meet regulations such as GDPR? What are the legal implications and potential risks? How do we address cyber security and ownership issues? How is safety and security driving new platform developments?

1415 - GDPR – What Next?

  • Who owns what?
click for bioSpeaker to be announced

Speaker to be announcedSpeaker to be announced.

1440 - Hacking on the High Seas

  • Rogue kettles and other bizarre maritime cyber attacks
click for bioKen Munro, Security Entrepreneur & Writer, Pen Test Partners

Ken MunroKen Munro is Partner and Founder of Pen Test Partners, a firm of ethical hackers. He regularly blogs on everything from maritime security to hacking cars and the Internet of Things. This has gained him notoriety among the national press, leading to regular appearances on TV and News online as well as the broadsheet press.

He also writes for various newspapers and has contributed to maritime industry magazines in an effort to get beyond the unhelpful scaremongering put about by many security vendors. Ken has also become a voice for reform and legislative change in the largely unregulated IoT, briefing UK and US government departments as well as being involved with various EU consumer councils.

The Pioneers’ Showcase – Accelerating Maritime Transformation

Shipping is still one of the most traditional industries, but the speed of change in the maritime sector is providing a real opportunity for new entrants to the market. We need fresh influence to accelerate much needed maritime transformation.

These short 10 minute sessions will provide a platform for start-ups with demonstrable traction and pitch to join the discussions around Maritime’s digital future. With the opportunity for first-mover advantage, this is the time for new entrants to make themselves known, and demonstrate how they can help the shipping sector harness all that digital innovation has to offer.

1505 - Introduction to the Pioneers’ Showcase

1515 - Session A)

1530 - Session B)

1545 - Session C)

1600 - Pioneers’ Conclusions

1610 - Tea/Coffee Break

Session Three

Big Value from Big Data

We need to uncover the most valuable relationships among the variables we collect. We need to translate big data into smart data and create big data value. We will investigate different angels: e-commerce, vessel performance, supply chain logistics.

What are the key-drivers and how do we prepare our internal organisation? Who should we collaborate with and how can we identify the best practices in our industry and across other industry segments?

1630 - The Trouble with Big Data
click for bioSpeaker to be announced

Speaker to be announcedSpeaker to be announced.

1655 - From Big Data to Vessel Performance

  • From IoT and machine learning to predictive analysis
  • Ship performance monitoring
  • Examples: IEE, navigation
click for bioLokukaluge Prasad Perera, PhD, Associate Professor in Advanced Maritime Vessel Operations, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Lokukaluge Prasad Perera, PhDBiography pending.

1720 - Panel Discussion – Big Value from Big Data
Are we going in the right direction?
Moderated by:
click for bioTo be announced

Speaker to be announcedModerator to be announced.

Panellists include:
click for bioNeil Hodgson, Head of Asset Science, Maersk Digital

Neil HodgsonBiography pending

click for bioLokukaluge Prasad Perera, PhD, Associate Professor in Advanced Maritime Vessel Operations, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Lokukaluge Prasad Perera, PhDBiography pending.

click for bioStian Knutsen, Environment, Project & Implementation Coordinator, Rederiet Stenertsen AS

Stian KnutsenBiography pending.

click for bioØystein Busch, Head of IT, UECC

Øystein BuschBiography pending.

click for bioRobert Hopkins, Jr., Senior Director of Maritime Services, KVH Industries

Robert Hopkins, Jr.Robert Hopkins, Jr., KVH’s senior director for maritime services, manages product marketing partnerships based on KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband connectivity services. His engineering team develops health and performance monitors. With a background in strategic consulting to marine interests, he is committed to bringing value-added services to the commercial maritime industry.

With further panellists to be announced

1800 - Closing Notes

1810 - Networking Drinks

**Please note all topics and timings are TBC and subject to change

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